Spren closes $11.3 million in seed capital to launch camera-enabled biomarker platform
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Consumers are spending big on products and technology that enhance their wellbeing—unlocking billions of dollars of market value for brands that can deliver results. Spren transforms complex physiological signals from the body into actionable insights that unlock habit change, motivate, and objectively monitor progress across the full spectrum of health, wellbeing, and fitness goals—all with just a snippit of code.


And now, we are excited to announce Spren Vision, our cutting-edge computer vision technology that transforms the smartphone camera into an accessible biomarker sensor.

Improved Physical Health

Spren's insights motivate lifestyle changes that improve health and longevity, predict illnesses, and reduce long-term health risks.

Better Mental Health

By quantifying and surfacing insights about stress load and changes in mental health, users improve their state of mind.

Superior Fitness & Recovery

Spren monitors fitness, recovery, and strain, so you can suggest ideal workouts and optimal training programs depending on user goals.

More Restful Sleep

Through quantifying the impact of sleep and optimizing sleep patterns, Spren helps users improve their overall health.

Elevated Mindfulness

Spren encourages better mindfulness practice by quantifying and gamifying the impact of meditation and breathing on users.

Advanced Weight Management

Users quantify and receive insights about the impact of stress, diet, and other lifestyle factors that can accelerate weight loss.

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The Fastest Way To Incorporate Biomarker Science Into Your Brand.

Biomarkers like Heart Rate Variability (HRV) provide powerful and personalized insights. However, gleaning meaningful insight from biomarker data can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Thankfully, Spren seamlessly integrates with health, wellness, and fitness products to deliver scientifically-backed insights to your users.

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Years of Research & Development

Spren leverages a decade of targeted R&D linking physiology, behavior, and outcomes so you can provide personalized insights to your users.

Gold-Standard Datasets

Spren insights are so accurate and powerful because they harness proprietary longitudinal datasets comprising billions of biomarkers.

Machine Learning

Spren data scientists have deployed large-scale, deep learning on our massive datasets to reach the required depth of insights.

Seamless API Integration

Data captured through popular devices like Apple Watch, Polar, Garmin, or your proprietary device automatically transmits to Spren’s API and returns biomarker insights.

115+ Scientific Studies Powered by Spren Technology
Seamlessly Integrate Spren Into Your Product

Spren collects Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and other biomarker data to measure the autonomic nervous system and reveal insights—such as how users respond to exercise, illness, treatment, recovery, inflammation, stress, mental health, and every other lifestyle choice they make.


Integrate your product with the Spren API.

Collect powerful biomaker data.

Deliver meaningful insights to your users.


Considered the most comprehensive biomarker of health and fitness, HRV refers to the millisecond variations between heartbeats used to measure the autonomic nervous system.

Respiration rate, or breathing rate, is the number of breaths per minute while at rest.

Acute changes in resting respiration rate can indicate poor rest and recovery or the onset of illness.

A useful metric for monitoring user fitness level and overall health, resting heart rate is the measure of average heart beats per minute (BPM) while the body is in a rested state.

Oxygen saturation, the measure of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the blood relative to the amount of hemoglobin not carrying oxygen, dictates whether or not the body is functioning as efficiently as possible.


Spren uses key biomarker metrics to quantify your users' ability to handle challenges based on their body’s cumulative stress load and recovery status. We use these insights to deliver a Daily Readiness Score that helps users optimize their behavior and achieve better long-term results.

Spren recommends ideal workouts and training programs based on each user's goals-and fitness, recovery, and strain levels. These recommendations are adaptable to Power Zone, Strain, Freshness, or any other workout tailoring.

We use a combination of HRV-powered machine learning and context-based reasoning to determine user Stress Score, which represents the acute mental stress load on an individual, as measured by the relative changes in heart rate and heart rate variability.

Small improvements in sleep can have outsized impacts on well being and performance, not to mention on longevity. Spren uses a multitude of data points to analyze user sleep patterns and determine if their sleep quality, quantity, and circadian timing are producing sufficient recovery.

Biomarkers at Your Fingertips

The future of biomarker technology is rapidly evolving. Now your users can harness the power of their smartphone cameras to capture physiological data anytime, anywhere without the need for an additional device.

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