Spren closes $11.3 million in seed capital to launch camera-enabled biomarker platform
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Spren Capabilities & Roadmap

Enable Biomarker Scanning For Your App

Create engaging experiences at scale using the smartphone as the sensor to optimize performance and quantify baseline improvements in biomarkers of fitness and well-being.

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Body Composition
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In-depth body composition comparable to a DEXA scan from a single selfie image.  Includes: body fat percentage, fat mass, lean mass, android fat, gynoid fat, basal metabolic rate

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Readiness / Recovery Score
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Capacity to handle physical and mental challenges on that day, based on nervous system balance and recovery.  Spren learns each user's unique baseline over time and adjusts continuously to guide training, recovery and personal lifestyle.

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Illness Risk

Based on respiration, HRV, HR and Readiness, chance of acute illness in the next 24-48 hours.

Activity Guidance

Comparison of HRV, Recovery, and activity data collected via wearables/APIs to gauge if activity level is too low, ok, or too high.

Population Comparison

For any Biomarker or Insight, compare result to age/gender/activity-matched population norms

ANS Balance

Autonomic nervous system balance.  Shows whether the nervous system is leaning sympathetic (fight or flight) or parasympathetic (rest and digest).

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Heart Rate Variability

HRV Score, RMSSD-based gold-standard statistical measure.

HRV Deep Dive

SDNN, PNN50, RMSSD, meanRR, HF, LF, HF/LF Ratio, etc.

Heart Rate

Beats-per-minute (BPM), resting heart rate (RHR), heart rate recovery (HRR)


Breaths per minute, derived from pulse wave data

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Real-time HR

Stream heart rate in real-time via a finger resting over the rear facing camera.

Real-time HR

Stream heart rate in real-time via the face looking into the camera.

Cardiovascular Score

Weekly or monthly cardiovascular fitness score from derived VO2Max

Stress Score

Baseline mental stress load, and risk for burnout.

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