Spren closes $11.3 million in seed capital to launch camera-enabled biomarker platform
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Spren Vision™

Transform any Smartphone Into a Universally Accessible Biomarker Scanner

Spren Vision™ connects apps to the human body with just a single snippet of code, unlocking greater access to physiological data—without the need for any additional hardware.

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Accurate Well-Being Insights Without the Wearables

With Spren Vision, brands can harness the power of large-scale deep learning and years of signal processing research—instantly. Spren Vision uses the light and camera from a smartphone to detect subtle changes in blood volume between cardiac cycles by measuring the light absorption in the user's finger through a simple finger scan.

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Superior Biomarker Accuracy

We’ve extensively tested our algorithms—its performance is superior to state-of-the-art published algorithms in both accuracy and reliability.

World’s Largest Dataset of Cardiac Cycles

We trained Spren Vision™ on an unmatched dataset of cardiac cycles—which we simultaneously captured using medical-grade sensors and smartphone cameras.

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Spren researchers spent years developing a novel way to isolate the cleanest signal from the heart using an innovative signal extraction method.

Embed Spren Vision™ with a
Single Snippet of Code
Compatible with iOS, Android, React Native, & Flutter
Easy to integrate with developer-friendly SDK & API
Fully customizable to your brand’s look & feel
Secure, GDPR compliant, AWS architecture
No startup implementation costs
Integrating Spren Vision™
Seamlessly integrate Spren Vision™ into your app with an easy-to-use SDK
Guide users through a quick finger scan—collecting their raw health data instantaneously.
The Spren API analyzes and interprets the data
Pass the raw data from the SDK to the API while asynchronously receiving insights and biomarkers.
Deliver Meaningful, Personalized Insights
Display user results with fully customizable UX flows using Spren’s flexible UI kit.
Spren Vision™ Unlocks
Industry-Leading HRV Insights

Using computer vision and deep learning algorithms, Spren transforms the smartphone camera into a biomarker sensor measuring heart rate variability (HRV), recovery, stress load, fitness progress, respiratory health, illness prediction, body fat, and more.

Measure HRV
Determine Stress Load
Track Fitness Progress
Quantify Recovery
Monitor Respiratory Rate
Understand Illness Risk

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