Podcast: Transforming Fitness and Wellness by Helping Users Understand Data

Sophie Lezama
April 12, 2022

As a fitness or wellness company leader, do your eyes roll when you hear the word "personalization"?

Companies and marketers have been personalizing their products and messages for decades, based on audience demographics and trackable behaviors (where you click, what you buy, where you live, etc).

Most of us know the limitations of these approaches. This is where biomarker-based personalization breaks new ground.

What if everyday people no longer had to decipher data from wearables and other devices? Most of us feel a ton of cognitive friction at that process - which is why most of us don't use wearables very long.

Instead, what if all our fitness or wellness products optimized the experience based on our unique physiological needs? After all, there's no value in tracking biomarkers if there's no "so what" action afterwards. Action is what drives results.

On the Business Side of Fitness podcast, Jason covers the history behind Spren, improving user engagement and retention, and our mission to transform how we pursue our wellbeing journey.

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Sophie Lezama

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