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How To Build Muscle Fast: 6 Science-Backed Strategies for Quick Gains

Sandra Wu
March 8, 2024

When it comes to building muscle quickly, science offers clear directives. Below are six scientifically supported strategies to fast-track muscle growth.

When it comes to building muscle quickly, science offers clear directives. Below are six scientifically supported strategies to fast-track muscle growth.

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1. Eat More Protein

Research underscores the critical role of protein in muscle synthesis. The optimum range for muscle growth appears to be between 1.6 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Strategic protein timing, particularly around your workout sessions, can significantly impact muscle recovery and growth. 

2. Embrace High-Intensity Resistance Training

Scientific evidence suggests that high-intensity resistance training, particularly when incorporating compound exercises (like squats and bench presses), significantly contributes to muscle hypertrophy. Progressive overload, or gradually increasing the weight and intensity of your workouts, is key to continually challenging your muscles and stimulating growth.

3. Prioritize Recovery

The importance of rest and recovery in the muscle-building equation cannot be overstated. Muscle hypertrophy occurs outside the gym during rest periods. Adequate sleep and rest, ensure you're giving your body the downtime it needs to grow stronger.

4. Caloric Surplus and Nutrition

Building muscle often requires a caloric surplus, consuming more calories than you expend. However, the surplus needs to be carefully calibrated to support muscle growth while minimizing fat gain. Spren's personalized nutrition plans can guide you to achieve the right balance, tailoring your intake to support your muscle-building ambitions.

5. Strategic Supplementation

While whole foods should form the foundation of your nutritional strategy, certain supplements have been shown to support muscle growth. Creatine monohydrate stands out for its extensive evidence base supporting its efficacy in improving strength and muscle mass. Spren members get access to Gainful supplements at a discounted rate, ensuring you can easily integrate scientifically supported supplements into your routine.

6. Consistency is Key

The consensus among researchers is clear: consistent, dedicated effort over time yields the most significant muscle gains. By adopting a systematic approach that incorporates these science-backed strategies, and tracking your progress with the Spren app, you're setting yourself up for success.

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